Our services

Forbes offers an entire range of Marketing Research services - from Opinion Surveys to Focus Groups, Mystery Shopper Audits to statistical analysis and reporting.
Our expertise include Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Engagement Surveys, Advertising and Branding Studies, Awareness Knowledge Attitude Usage Research


Data Collection Methods

  • Door-to-door, Street intercept, Consumer Panel, Client database
  • Computer-Assisted: Personal Interviews (interviewer led), Telephone Interviews, Self-Interviews

Sampling Methods

  • Quota based
  • Probability sampling
  • Multi-stage Systematic Random Sampling


Data Collection Methods

  • Focus Group Discussions (FGD)
  • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Mystery Shopper Audits

Analysis Techniques

  • Content Analysis - What was said?
  • Context Analysis - When was it said & how?
  • Thematic Analysis - what are the main ideas?


Quality control

  • Interviewer-led data collected are subject to telephone recalling
  • Data is cleaned further processed to remove illogical responses, speedsters & flatliners

Analysis techniques

  1. Significance testing
  2. Forecasting & Trend Analysis
  3. Multivariate regression & Time Series

Our facilities

We pride ourselves in having both digital and physical facilities to meet our customer's needs

Proprietary online platform


Our online platform is capable of logical checks, automated question branching, mandatory fields etc. to achieve higher quality data collected.

Our online platform is hosted on an ISO server and has attained the CSA Cybersafe Essentials certified. It undergoes regular pen-testing & vulnerbility assessments.

FGD facilities

Our office discussion room which is fully equipped with audio & visual recording equipment, one-way mirror observer room, projector and stationary to aid discussions.

We have conducted countless FGDs over zoom to work around Covid-19 restrictions, and accomodate the busy schedules of participants.

SPSS analytics

Analysis is driven by key questions and hypothesis.
Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics will be used for comparison, using techniques such as Parametric tests and Multi-variate tests

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